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What is the rent?


 Rent would keep changing. The owner will decide the rent. Please contact us regarding rent.


Are the bills included in the rent?


No. Bills are not included in the rent.  Bills will be paid directly by the tenants.


Will I have to pay all the bills alone or is it shared?


Depending on the number of tenants, the bills are shared.


What are the bills to be paid by the tenant?


The Water, Electricity, Telephone and City Council Tax are to be paid by the tenants. All bills come directly to the tenants at the property address. Only the City Council tax bill comes to the owner’s address once in 6 months in advance stating the amount that needs to be paid for the next 6 months.


How close is the rail station and bus stop?


All the properties are near the bus stop and train station. They are properly connected to other major cities.


Is a guarantor required?


If the tenant is employed, we need letter from the employer. If a student, we need letter from the University or a guarantor and photo id of the university. Guarantor is needed if the proposed tenant is unemployed and has applied to university for studies.


How many months minimum do I have to rent the room?


Minimum of 3 months


Are the properties fully furnished?


Yes, all the properties are fully furnished.


Is it Air-conditioned?


There is central heating for winter.


Are there appliances and utensils provided in the apartment?


Yes, an inventory will be sent once the agreement is signed .The person can see the facilities provided when the visit the apartment.


How far are the shopping centres, schools and hospitals?


The locations of all the properties are very attractive. They are close to shopping malls, schools and colleges as well as hospitals.


If tenants want to vacate the property before the end of the term, what they have to do?


The tenants have to give notice in advance, two months prior to vacating date. In case of any emergency, one can discuss with the owner.



Other facilities


Almost all the properties are covered by British Gas Home Cover Plan. Any problems faced by tenants are taken care of at emergency basis. The tenant has to send an email or give a call and explain the problems.


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